Guía para las Au Pair

Guidelines for Au Pair Organizations


The Code of Conduct for Au Pair Organizations and its corresponding Guidelines set standards for “au pairing“, including basic criteria for the selection of both au pairs and families, and establish rules for the conduct of business between members, thereby allowing for practical co-operation between au pair organizations.




Au pair placement


  • First date available to start
  • Last date available to start programme
  • Length of placement


Personal details


  • Last Name
  • First name
  • Street address
  • Post code, City
  • Country
  • Tel number, home
  • Tel number, work
  • Email
  • Date & place of birth
  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Passport number
  • Date and place of issue
  • Expiration date
  • Height
  • Weight
  • (May be included in the medical report)
  • Are you willing to live in a family with animals?
  • Would you be willing to live with a single-parent family?
  • Male
  • Female
  • Have you ever lived away from home for any length of time (i.e. 2 months or more)? Give details.




  • Do you regularly attend religious services?
  • (Optional to answer)
  • Would you accept a host family of a religion different to your own?




  • Do you smoke?
  • How many cigarettes per day?
  • If you do smoke, are you willing to refrain from smoking in the host family’s house or in the presence of the children?




  • Do you hold a current driving licence?
  • Do you have an international driving licence?
  • When did you receive the licence?
  • How much experience do you have?
  • Are you willing to drive in the host country?


Details of parents / guardians / family


  • Parents’ address
  • Parents’ telephone number
  • Parents’ email
  • Father’s occupation
  • Mother’s occupation
  • Family members – brothers / sisters and ages
  • Contact person in case of emergency (If other than parents)


Education and qualifications


  • School attended, examinations and qualifications
  • Future educational plans (can be included in essay)
  • Do you have knowledge of first aid or life saving?
  • Do you have any certificates?
  • Have you taken any course relating to child care?
  • Employment record
  • Past employment
  • Present employment
  • Length of notice required


Experience with children


  • Do you have experiences with newborns, children aged 9 – 12 months, 1 – 3 years, 3 – 6 years, 6 – 10 years, older than 10 years?
  • How often (frequency)?
  • Do you have experience with disabled children?
  • Have you ever been an au pair before?
  • If so, in which country, and for how long?




  • Are you willing to care for a disabled child?
  • Age group you prefer to work with: newborns, 9 – 12 months, 1 – 3 years, 3 – 6 years, 6 – 10 years, older than 10 years (Age groups may be divided up differently)
  • Would you prefer to be placed in a family with 1, 2, 3,or 4 children?
  • Would you prefer to live in a big city, a small town, a suburb or in a rural area?


(Preferences may be included on a separate page, which will not be shown to the host families)


Hobbies and interests


  • What are your special hobbies / interests?
  • Do you participate in sports?
  • Do you swim?
  • Do you have a background in music or dance?
  • Can you ride a bicycle?


Language ability


  • Languages spoken: mother tongue, first and second foreign languages
  • Verbal skills: Fluent / Good / Fair / poor Number of years studied, certificates held.

Language instruction required


  • Which educational courses do you wish to attend in your host country?


Reasons for applying


  • Why do you want to be an au pair?
  • Why do you want to travel abroad to XX (the host country)? (may be included in essay)




  • Confirmation that information is correct, and a promise to follow rules and regulations.
  • Signed copy of IAPA’s Au Pair Agreement (refer to Code of Conduct for Au Pairs and Host Families).




  • Two references (including name and address of writer), one relating to childcare and one relating to character.


Medical report


  • How long has the applicant been treated by this doctor?
  • Signature and address of doctor
  • Signature of au pair




  • Do you have any medical problems?
  • Are you allergic to animals?
  • Do you have any other serious allergies?
  • Please describe (can all be included in medical report)
  • Do you have a special diet (e.g., vegetarian)? If yes, explain.


Other application material


  • Passport photographs
  • Letter to the host family (essay)
  • Photo collage


Optional recommendations


  • Country preferred
  • Region preferred. Why?
  • Do you know anyone in your preferred host country? If yes, what is your relationship?
  • Have you ever been denied a visa? If so, which country/ies?




Au pair placement requested


  • Requested start date
  • Length of placement?
  • Are you willing to accept a male au pair?
  • Would you accept an au pair that smokes? (Yes, No, Yes, if she refrains from smoking in the house and while looking after the children)
  • Should your au pair hold a driving license? (No, not necessary, Yes, if possible, Yes, in any case. If yes, why?)
  • Would you host an au pair without basic knowledge of the language of your country but with very good knowledge of another language? If yes, which language?


Personal details:


  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Street
  • Postal Code, City
  • Country
  • Private telephone number
  • Host mother’s work number
  • Host father’s work number
  • Email
  • Host father (last name, first name, date of birth, nationality, mother tongue)
  • Host mother (last name, first name, date of birth, nationality, mother tongue)
  • Who is legally responsible for your children?
  • Children (names, dates of birth, gender)
  • Other persons living with you (surname, name, relation, date of birth)
  • Religion
  • Do you regularly attend religious services?
  • Would you accept an au pair of a different religion to your own?
  • Do you have disabled children? If so, please describe




  • Do you smoke?
  • If so, do you smoke in your family home?
  • Are there other aspects of your family life which should be given consideration (eg, vegetarian diet)?
  • Have you ever had an au pair before?
  • Do you have household help? If so, how often does he/she help you?




  • Do you have any pets? If so, which pets do you have?
  • Do you want the au pair to care for them?


Special skills


  • Should your au pair have any special skills (e.g. swimming or riding)? If so, which ones?
  • Which language is mainly spoken in your family?
  • What other language do you speak?


Your home


  • Where do you live? (in a rural area, in a small town, in the suburbs, in a large city)
  • Is there public transportation from your house into the town / city centre?
  • Distance from your home to the centre of the city.


Host father’s daily schedule


  • Profession
  • Typical working hours (including commute)
  • Do you have to work on weekends? (Yes, no, occasionally)
  • Do you have to travel? If so, how often?


Host mother’s daily schedule


  • Profession
  • Typical working hours (including commute)
  • Do you have to work on weekends? (yes, no, occasionally)
  • Do you have to travel? If so, how often?


Children’s daily schedule


  • Name of children, times they are at school or otherwise out of the house (sports, etc.)


Daily schedule of other members of your household


  • Name, times they out of the house


A letter to your au pair – introduction of your family


  • Introduction: members of your Family, your everyday life, hobbies and interests, particulars
  • Brief description of your town, your house and also room for your au pair
  • What expectations do you have of the au pair placement?


Typical daily schedule for your au pair


  • Tasks au pair is to perform
  • Sample time plan


Photo album of your family


  • Photos of your family, children, your house, au pair’s room, etc.




  • Written reference from a person who is not related to the family.

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